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USA Homestay Programs for High School Students
from Non-English Speaking Countries


Most group homestays take place during July or August, although we also run special programs at other times of the year. Regarding our summer homestay programs, it is advisable for organizations to notify us early if they wish to visit a certain area. Larger organizations with which we work currently book a year in advance.

Students who are accepted into World Exchange programs are generally between the ages of fourteen and eighteen years old. Students are required to have at least two years of English study and a basic knowledge of spoken English. To benefit from a homestay students must be able to communicate with their host family.

World Exchange host families do not receive any remuneration for hosting. No food stipends, no vouchers, no points towards trips abroad, etc. They host for the pure joy of meeting someone from another country and getting to know that person, his or her culture and his or her language. They expect to welcome mature, good-natured, flexible students into their homes who have adequate language skills. They look forward to lively discussions about their guest's country and the opportunity to show their guest our country.

Students traveling individually can visit the United States at any time of the year. Host families look for students who have a clearly defined objective in visiting the US. Students who want to learn about and compare their knowledge of a specific subject--from the arts, technology, sciences, sports, professions, entertainment, etc.--are easier to find host families for than those whose interests are vague or general in nature.

Students who reach out and embrace their international homestay experience have a much better time than those who sit back passively waiting to be entertained.

The Basic Group Homestay Program includes:
  • a three week host family homestay
  • groups met at the airport by a World Exchange representative
  • transportation organized, usually on chartered buses, to the homestay center
  • each student receives a warm welcome--board and lodging are provided
  • host families are unpaid
  • only one student is placed per family
  • backup families provided where and when necessary
  • students from a particular group will be placed within the same region, but World Exchange cannot guarantee that all will be in the same town
  • agreed upon daytrips, tours, parties will be organized by a World Exchange Program Director before the arrival of the group
  • a farewell party will be held and the students will be asked to participate by singing national songs, preparing a national dish, creating a skit, etc.
  • on average there will be one Program Director for every five overseas students. From the time of the students' arrival in the United States or Canada, World Exchange Program Directors will be responsible for their welfare. They will work closely with the group leaders who accompany the groups.
  • World Exchange Headquarters will provide seven-day-a-week availability and will supervise the overall running of programs nationwide.


These 10 day homestay programs are designed to introduce students to the United States as well as to introduce North American students to the cultures of other countries. All programs include free weekends with host families, visits to local schools and excursions. All daytrips and tours are custom designed. The location is the Hudson Valley area of New York.

Students must bring certain materials and be prepared to share their knowledge of their country and culture with American students. Proof of visas and background checks may be required.


This low priced program is ideal for short visits to the USA. Group accommodation at an acclaimed hostel on the upper East Side of Manhattan. Daily activities can include sightseeing in New York City (Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Fifth Avenue, South Street Seaport, the United Nations, Circle Line Cruise, Chinatown). Daytrips out of Manhattan can be arranged, as can high school visits. Museum visits, Broadway and Off Broadway Theater evenings, Lincoln Center, Greenwich Village, Soho, Chinatown, Little Italy, NYU, Columbia University, TV and radio studios can also be included in the tour.


World Exchange is able to offer programs to suit the specific needs of different groups and different nationalities. We can, for example, combine tours of cities, museums or corporations with homestays. We can also arrange tours that revolve around unusual interests: e.g. art, sports, fashion, theater, the arts. Custom programs do require more time to arrange. If you are interested in such a program, please submit a detailed proposal and we will research tour costs and work closely with you to arrange the best possible program. We can work with schools, student organizations, teachers, clubs, etc.

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